My fairy wedding

My fairy wedding

A year and some months ago I met my husband. On our first date I thought: " He is so tall and handsome as hell, he is so bad but he does it so well". And not just that, but somehow it felt like I have known him forever. I heard once that "familiarity is itself a desire for liking, a force for liking".

I could say something very cheesy right now, but I won´t. Just think of something cheesy and don´t laugh.

Are you still following my love story? There´s the video of my wedd at the end of this post.

After his proposal end of June, we decided to get married as soon as possible. And no, I wasn´t pregnant, lol! What were you guys thinking? ;)

The proposal was a surprise, but we already have talked about getting married some day, that´s why we didn´t want to wait another year.  And besides, we didn´t want to stress ourselves a whole year with wedding preparations and all that stuff, but to concentrate all of it in two months. Crazy, right?

Well, if you want it, you can do it. And to be honest, two full months of hearing: wedding -cake, -dress/dresses, - location, guests list, flowers, honeymoon, bride, etc., was enough for us. I was glad it wasn´t a one year planning.

We were quick in finding the perfect location (all credits to my sister Irina, who told me about it. She was actually my fairy wedding planner, I will mention her quite a lot in this blogpost), at Stadtflucht Bergmühle, and soon chose a date: the 22th of September. Check your calendars and see that that was a Thursday. So what? Should only weekends host these nice events?

So, location, check! Next thing, the wedding gown! But where was I going to get a dress in 2 months? That´s like impossible, right?

Well, I had a plan A. And B.

Plan A: I asked my mom to make it. And she did. So proud of her. She made it exactly how I wanted it to be.


here some pics of my two fairies and my Mom&Gabanna dress ;) I wore this two pieces gown at the ceremony. Aah, and my dahlia wedding bouquet was made by my sister, Irina. I loved it!! It was perfect!

Plan C: I got a second beautiful dress from Island Tribe. I chose the Osprey gown from their collection, which is hand embroidered and embellished with Swarowski crystal elements and pearls. A real jewel and eyecatcher.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

This was the dress I wore in the evening, after the ceremony. It was very comfortable and easy  to move in. Besides, the long sleeves where perfect for the chilly night.

You see? In two months there´s plenty of time to get two dresses!

My fashion accessories were, apart from some special braceletes:

A gorgeous rosé gold watch from Cluse Watches, from the new Collection La Vedette Launch, that was perfect for my bridal outfit. My sister Irina also had the same model, but different colour, gold.

I like this picture. I think we were "smiling" to the pedestrians.

The second accessory husband and I wore were our wedding rings. We looked in several shops in Vienna, but we didn´t find what we were looking for until we went to Alja & Friends Studio, where they have unique and creative jewels, hand made in their shop! You can actually take a look in their workshop!

By the end of August we had everything organized. There were of course details that needed to be fixed, but nothing very stressful. Although I get stressed very easily, I´m kind of a perfecctionist. Need to change that.

So, after this craziness of wedding planning, we went to the civil wedding on the 19th of September. In order to keep it special and very private, we were just the two of us and the lovely Frau Blauensteiner. And of course I said "Ja".

Three days later, the 22th of September we had our ceremony with our families and closest friends.

For the decoration we had lots of white big pompoms and white metallic ballons from Party Dreams , as  well as a wonderful lightbox.

Aren´t you curious about the sweets?

My sister , who was my wedding planner and my fairy (I think I mentioned this before, haven´t I?) had this amazing idea to have big and delicious donuts from Donuteria at the Candy Bar. They decorated some of them with little hearts for this special ocassion. How cute! And how delicious!

But a Candy Bar is not pretty enough without the well known macarons! Thank you Macaron Manufaktur for that wonderful Pyramid full of delish and colourdul macarons! I have to admit, I only ate the Provence (Lavender) ones, because as a bride, you don´t have time to eat anything at your own wedding! The only thing I ate actually were the Lavender Macarons, and they were delicious! So good! I would eat one or ten right now, and I´m writing this at 03:00 am!

After all these sweets, please make room for our golden wedding cake from Katiescakes. How pretty was it? But most important, how delicious? Curious about the flavours: the higher tier was Poppyseed Cake (husband´s favourite), the second Nut Cake, and the third Sacher Cake. You see those two white roses? Don´t eat them, but you can! Because they are sugar flowers. Beautifully made, they look like natural roses.

And now, I want to thank my mother,  my sister, my bro-in-law, all three for beeing the best! My girlies (Tama, Odette, Alicia) and el Mateo for helping us with the last details. I also want to thank my producer, and my manager. Lol, sounds like an Oscar acceptance speech! But don´t worry, I won´t be an actress.

Pictures by: @irinahp and @me_and_mango.

Video: @me_and_mango.

Irina and Rares, thank you so much for beeing the greatest. Love you both!!!!

To conclude this post, I will say something very typical, and that is that I´ve dreamed about this since I can remember. I´ve read too many novels I guess.

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