"Backpacking" with Kipling through Berlin - GIFT INSPIRATION

"Backpacking" with Kipling through Berlin - GIFT INSPIRATION

Because it´s almost Christmas and it´s time for presents, I got some ideas for you. 

But before I tell you what I have in mind, it would be interesting for me to know if you have any struggles buying presents for birthdays or any other special ocasions like the upcoming one, Christmas! It would be nice to read them in the comments below.

My own experience is this: the closest the person is to me, the difficult is to find for him or her a present. Like for example, for my sister. I know exactly what she likes, her taste for fashion, food or places that she enjoys. However, I often run out of ideas and time in order to gave her a present. 

It also happend this year, for my husband´s birthday. Man! Men are difficult when it comes to presents, aren´t they? ;)

Ok, so now, my gift inspiration for you:

The Kipling Brownie Wallet:


The new Kipling Bag:


The Kipling Firefly Up Backpack: my favourite so far


The Kipling City Pack:


I love this brand! It such a good quality, and what I appreciate the most is that the bags, or backpacks, even their suitcases are so light! In other brand cases, the bag itself it´s so heavy, that it´s difficut to carry it around even empty.

I also have a hand luggage suitcase, ideal for small trips that I got almost two years ago, and I can put in it literally everything! I call it my magic suitcase.

Click here for some interesting info about the brand.

Don´t forget to leave me in the comments how you deal with buying presents. Do you struggle, or you always find the perfect one?

Here the link to every product:

The Kipling Brownie Wallet

The Kipling City Pack

The Kipling Firefly Up Backpack

The new Kipling Bag

* Sponsored post by Kipling Global via Zalando.

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