Tourist in Vienna - where to stay

Tourist in Vienna - where to stay

You’re thinking of coming to Vienna for the holidays, you already booked a flight, the best coffee places and restaurants are on your “things to do in Vienna” list, and you don’t want to miss the Schönbrunn museum. You also heard that Albertina is a must see if you come to this city.

And of course, one of the main reasons to come in winter to the cold austrian capital is because of the magical atmosphere at the Chistkindlmarkets.

You planned this trip a couple of months ago, but you don’t know where to stay yet.

You’re looking for a central hotel, but also for  a cozy  and quite room with a nice view over the city. The breakfast is very important to you, so you would like a healthy and delicious breakfast buffet, like this one: 


If you’re that tourist, I have a hotel recomendation for you. And yes, you had to read all these paragraphs to find out which one I’m talking about: The Ruby Lissi Hotel & Bar Vienna .

First, the location is so good. Right in the middle of the 1st District where you can walk to some of the main point of interest, like the St. Stephan’s Cathedral or the Hunderwasser House.

The metro is only 3-5 minutes walk. The station is called Schwedenplatz and the metro line is the U1.

How I know all this? I didn’t googled it, but I stayed myself for three nights here, and I chose this hotel for a very berry special ocasion: my first wedding anniversary.  

I wanted to surprise my husband for this day, and I knew he would love it.

We stayed in the ‘Wow’ room and it was double Wow as I decorated it with lots of balloons and flowers.  


Because he’s a sweet tooth, I also organized an amazing cake, made by the talented @stolzes, that was “the cherry on top” to our anniversary. Thank you so much Sophia for the delicious and gorgeous cake. 


The room is white, and bright, and as almost all Ruby Hotels, it has this cool peculiarity, that a part of the bathroom is located in the room. In this case was the sink. It also has a big transparent shower cabin that I also find very nice. 


The Ruby Hotel Bar has an amazing decoration, guitars on the wall, old cabinets with stamps, comfy couches, pallet tables, etc.


Here some more pictures of our stay, last September. On the 22th. Hope you enjoyed reading my post!


Happy anniversary husband my luv!!!!

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