Matching Outfits with my bff

Matching Outfits with my bff

Do you have that best friend who always borrows your stuff? Or is the other way around? 

In my case, my bff is my sister and I always "steal" her clothes. That is because she has a very good taste in fashion and I love her style. And Also because I don´t love shopping. I love the clothes though.

My sister, instead could spend hours shopping and she finds also the prettiest stuff. And also at a very good price. 

There was a time when she would go shopping for me. Literarlly. That doesn´t happen anymore only because we leave in different countries now, haha. 

And because we (I mean I) can borrow stuff from each other, we don´t buy the exact same outfit.

Together with H&M Club Austria, Irina and I decided to dress alike and we picked our favourite outfits for this summer.

Which one is your style? Would you like to share our look with your best friend or sister?

WEKJ6562 (1).jpg

With the H&M Club you can get these Summer Outfits for you and for your bestie. 

There are a few requirements to participate:

  • live in Austria
  • be a Club Member of H&M Club Austria. If not, suscribe here
  • Follow these steps

I wish you good luck with the contest. 

You can comment below if you like to share your clothes or not. Do you borrow them from someone else?

Let me know.

P.S. After reading Irina´s blogpost I had to share this:

Dear Hotel Madrid

Dear Hotel Madrid

get my look

get my look